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Official FL Permit Practice Tests: What to Expect
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Florida Driver's License
Florida Driver's License

Be better prepared to take your Florida permit test with Florida Practice Permit Test Number Two. This second in our series of practice tests for Florida contains questions based on the material found in the official Florida’s Driver’s Manual.  The practice test has been created to help build your confidence as you earn your permit or driver’s license. The practice test features 40 multiple choice questions and you will need to answer 32 out of the 40 questions correctly to pass.

Instant Feedback

After answering each question, you will immediately receive feedback allowing you to quickly determine how well you are doing.  Correct answers are highlighted in green while incorrect answers are shown in red.

Performance Tracking

Our performance tracker automatically keeps track of each answer, correct and incorrect, as you progress through the practice test.

Unlimited Attempts

The more you practice, the better you will get. That’s why we allow you to take our test as often as you feel is necessary. Each time you take the test, questions are randomized to provide a “like-new” experience with each attempt.

Florida Specific Questions

State specific questions increase your chances of success by ensuring you have the most relevant study material available.

Score Sharing 

Complete the practice test, click the Twitter or Facebook buttons, and you can share your score.  We invite you to share this valuable and free resource with your friends.

So why put if off any longer?  Start preparing for your exam today!

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