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Official FL Motorcycle Practice Tests: What to Expect
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Florida Driver's License
Florida Driver's License

Want to prepare for the Florida written motorcycle test? Our Florida motorcycle practice test 2 contains questions drawn from the Florida Motorcycle Operator’s Manual and will give you the confidence you need to pass. Written by experts, it features both content and formatting that are similar to the real test you will take at the Florida DMV office.  This practice test features 25 multiple-choice questions designed to simulate the real exam. You must answer at least 20 of the questions correctly to pass.

You’ll find questions on a variety of subjects, including riding with a passenger, riding in a group, riding alone and safety gear, such as what type of helmet to wear.

This practice test also includes several valuable features to help you study:

  • Unlimited Attempts: You can take the test as many times as you want
  • Randomized Question Order: Each time you retake the test the questions are reordered randomly
  • Instant Feedback: Each time you answer a question you are given the right answer
  • Interactive Score Sharing: You can share your score with family and friends via Facebook and Twitter

Practice Test Questions

So do you know what to do if you have a stuck throttle? Do you know how to properly load a motorcycle when you need to carry cargo? You’ll find the answers to questions like these on this practice test.

Take it today to prepare to pass the real test and earn your license. With your license, you’ll be able to head out and experience the beautiful sights of Florida from the back of your motorcycle. From the Gulf Coast views on the Ozello Trail Ride to the live Oaks that line scenic SR 13 near Jacksonville, Florida is filled with natural beauty that is ideal for viewing on a motorcycle.

Take this practice test now to get prepared to earn your license.

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