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Official WI Motorcycle Practice Tests: What to Expect
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Wisconsin Driver's License
Wisconsin Driver's License

There is a lot you need to know to pass the state motorcycle written test, assess your knowledge level with our Wisconsin Motorcycle Practice Test 3. This practice test has questions covering the same subjects as the real test and it is also formatted like the official exam.

The questions, which are taken from the Wisconsin Motorcycle Operator’s Manual, really focus in on the manual’s important content and show you what you need to know to pass the official exam. The practice test’s similar format will also help you prepare for the experience of taking the real test at the Wisconsin DMV.

To help you maximize study efforts, this practice test also contains several bonus features, such as:

  • Instant feedback – that gives you answer explanations for each question
  • Progress Tracker – that keeps you up to date on how you are doing during the test
  • Unlimited attempts – that allows you to take the test as many times as necessary to learn the content
  • Randomized question order – that reorders the questions each time you take the test

Types of Questions to Expect On the Test

If you are riding on the interstate and you have a vehicle on either side of you and one in front of you what is your best course of action? What should be your minimum following distance at night? These are examples of the types of questions that you’ll find on this practice test.

There may also be questions on group riding formations, turning, stopping, maneuvering in traffic and more.

The questions on this test have been written by experts to prepare you to pass the official exam and earn your license. Having your license will enable you to ride scenic Wisconsin motorcycle roads like the “Boulder Junction Beauty.” This ride starts out on Rustic Road K and takes you by Star Lake. You’ll enjoy tree canopies over the road and amazing lake views. The road, itself, features sweeping curves and long straight-aways that will challenge you riding skills.

Take our practice test to get prepared to earn your license.

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