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Official WV Motorcycle Practice Tests: What to Expect
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West Virginia Driver's License
West Virginia Driver's License

Before you sit for the official written motorcycle test, take our West Virginia motorcycle practice test 1 to make sure your knowledge base is sufficient. The questions on our practice test are similar to the ones on the real test and will give you a good idea of what to expect on the test as well as if you are ready to take it.

Our experts understand that the written test is not easy and have prepared a practice test that will challenge you with 25 questions taken from the West Virginia Motorcycle Operator’s Manual. They have also formatted this practice test like the real test that you will take at the West Virginia DMV.

With this test:

  • You can study when you want and where you want (as long as you have an Internet connection)
  • You can study as much as you want as this test can be taken an unlimited number of times
  • You can learn the correct answers to any questions that you miss
  • You can check your personalized score report to see what subject areas you need to study more

Our experts wrote questions that will best prepare you to pass the official exam. Here are a couple of examples of questions that may be on the test:

Not counting turn signals what is the minimum number of lights a street legal motorcycle should have? How often should you check your wheel rims for damage?

There may also be questions on a variety of other subjects from the motorcycle manual, such as stopping quickly, riding on slippery surfaces and riding in traffic.

West Virginia contains several great mountain motorcycle roads as the entire state is located in the Appalachian Mountains. If you are looking for twisties and climbs and descents, this is the state for you. You’ll also enjoy mountain views along with other beautiful natural scenery like waterfalls, rivers, lakes and forests. West Virginia also boasts Civil War historical sites and scenic railroads.  Of course, to see all of this on your motorcycle you need to earn your license. Take our practice test now to assess your current knowledge.

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