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Washington Driver's License
Washington Driver's License

Take the Washington Motorcycle Practice Test 1 to improve your knowledge of motorcycle operation, control and safety. The test contains both questions and a format similar to the official exam and thus is a highly effective way to prepare for the real test. Keep in mind, Washington is home to some of the country’s best motorcycle roads and you need to pass the written test and earn your license to start riding on them.  We have taken 25 multiple choice questions from the Washington Motorcycle Operator’s Manual and presented them in a format similar the official exam that you will take at the Washington DOL office. We have also added several bonus features to help you study, including:

  • Personalized score reports to identify question subjects you missed
  • Performance tracker to let you know how you are doing as you take the test
  • Unlimited test attempts
  • Interactive Score Sharing via social media
  • And much more

You’ll find questions like these on the test: What are the guidelines for using the front brake? When riding a motorcycle you should always assume what?

Thanks to its incredibly diverse scenery, Washington has a lot to offer motorcyclists. There is the Pacific coastline, the Olympic Peninsula, the Columbia River basin, the Cascade Mountains and the rolling hills of Eastern Washington.

You’ll find winding motorcycle roads by the Columbia River and great mountain motorcycle riding in the Cascade Mountains, which include Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens State Park.

One great ride in Washington is the Highway 20 Washington Pass, which features 65 miles of dense forest and alpine views. This ride which ends up in Winthrop is considered by many to be a secret gem that deserves a lot more attention that is has received so far.

To start taking some of Washington’s magnificent motorcycle rides you need your license. To prepare to pass the state written exam and receive that license, take our practice test now.

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