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Utah Driver's License
Utah Driver's License

Find out just how well you know the Utah drivers handbook with our new Utah Practice Permit Test #4, the most recent test in our ongoing series of Utah Practice Permit Tests. With numerous state-specific questions, this test will have you prepared to pass the real Utah learner’s permit test the first time you visit the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles office.

Our staff has studied the official Utah drivers handbook and come up with 40 multiple choice questions that we believe will truly test your knowledge of Utah’s rules of the road, road signs, signals, pavement markings and much more. In addition to state-specific questions, we have also included important general safe driving questions from how to identify lane markings to responding to emergencies.   We’ve also added a number of valuable features that will enable you to get the most out of your study time. These features include:

  1. Instant Feedback – Immediately find out each time you answer a question whether you are right or wrong. When you are wrong, you will also get the right answer and an explanation.
  2. Performance Tracking – Your test performance is tracked from the beginning question to the final one. As you go through the test, you will always know how many questions you have answered and how many correct answers you have given.
  3. Randomized Retakes – To ensure you understand the content on the test, you can take the test an unlimited number of times. Plus, each time the test is retaken the questions are presented in a new order, which basically creates a new version of the test.
  4. Test Review – In addition to learning by taking a graded practice exam, you can also learn the material on this test through our review feature. With this feature, you can go back and read and review the questions and answers. It’s a great way to further increase your understanding of Utah’s driving rules.

With test questions specific to the unique driving laws within Utah, this practice test will ensure you have the most relevant information.  You won’t find any general, time-wasting questions on this test. We take great pride in producing state-specific test content.  We also take pride in producing a test experience designed to simulate the real exam as close as possible.  From the difficulty of the questions to the test environment itself, our Utah Practice Permit Test is designed to prepare you for success.  The sooner you begin this practice tests, the sooner you’ll be a licensed driver.  Let’s go!

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