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Official SD Motorcycle Practice Tests: What to Expect
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South Dakota Driver's License
South Dakota Driver's License

The South Dakota Motorcycle Practice Test 4 continues our tradition of producing challenging practice tests for the South Dakota motorcycle written test. With this practice test you get 25 more questions on safe motorcycle operation.

Why This SD Motorcycle Practice Test is Right for You

To pass this test you need to answer at least 20 of the 25 multiple choice questions that have been drawn from the South Dakota Motorcycle Operator’s Manual. These questions have been written by industry experts and cover a variety of subjects you need to know to earn your license.

This test has also been formatted like the real test that you will take at the South Dakota MVD office. This test is:

  • Convenient – the test is mobile friendly so you can take it on your phone as well as on your PC, laptop or tablet
  • Informative – a progress tracker will let you know how you are doing question by question as you take the test
  • Educational – instant feedback lets you know the answer to questions you miss and personalized score reports help you identify your weaknesses

What are the Test Questions Like

The questions will challenge your knowledge of safe motorcycle operation. For example, you may need to answer questions like these:

Besides turn signals, what is the minimum number of lights that are required on a street legal motorcycle? With your front brake lever applied, how far forward should you be able to push your motorcycle?

There may also be questions on such subjects as riding in traffic, swerving to avoid an obstacle, alcohol and riding, riding on slippery surfaces and more.

Take this test now to find out if you are ready to earn your license and head out on South Dakota’s roadways, which includes the roads that make up “the Southern Hills Ride.” These roads include Highway 89, Highway 18, Highway 87 and Highway 16, which will take you past a beautiful mix of mountains, foothills, wide open stretches and historic small towns.

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