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Official SC Permit Practice Tests: What to Expect
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South Carolina Driver's License
South Carolina Driver's License

Road signs are an important subject area on the written permit test administered by the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). In fact, knowledge of road signs commonly used in the state is essential to you earning a passing score. To help you improve your road sign knowledge we have created this practice test. The test covers all sign categories from informational to regulatory to warning to guide to emergency … that’s why taking this practice test is an important first step in the journey to learning how to drive in “the Palmetto State.”

What to Expect On The Practice Test

This free test features 25 multiple choice questions on traffic signs and their meanings. Answering 20 questions correctly is a passing score. However, we recommend that you take the test multiple times so that you answer 90 percent to 100 percent of the questions correctly. This will show you are truly ready for the permit test.

There is instant feedback for each test question so you will know right away whether an answer you have given is right or wrong. If your answer is wrong you can read a detailed answer explanation to learn why a different answer is correct. Test questions come from the South Carolina drivers handbook and, as a result, are similar to the ones on the real permit test, which also uses the drivers handbook at its resource for questions. Get started.

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