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Oklahoma Driver's License
Oklahoma Driver's License

Getting your Oklahoma learners permit is a real rite of passage—but you’ve got to earn it! To help you prepare for your test day at your local Oklahoma DPS center, we’ve put together a second Oklahoma practice permit test—it’s worth checking out!

You’ll find here 40 multiple-choice questions that’ll test your knowledge of the DPS Oklahoma Driver’s Manual, which we also provide here for your studying pleasure. Our practice test gives you the flavor of the actual exam, from the information covered to the testing experience itself.

Earn a score of 80% or higher and you’ve passed!

Instant Feedback

We give you feedback every step of the way during the test. If you’ve answered a question incorrectly, you’ll see the right choice highlighted in green—and an explanation to go along with it.

Performance Tracking

To the left of the questions, you’ll see the Progress Tracker. This’ll keep you oriented while you work through the quiz, showing how many right answers you’ve given and how much further you have to go.

Unlimited Attempts

Every time you take our Oklahoma practice permit test, the questions are randomized, which means you can continually evaluate your progress.

Oklahoma Specific Questions

Our practice test reflects the content of the Oklahoma Driver’s Manual, so you know you’re preparing for the real deal with the essential, state-specific material.

Score Sharing

When you’ve finished a practice test, you’ll have the option of sharing your score with friends and family: Just click on the Twitter or Facebook button to let them know how you did! Maybe they’ll try their hand at the test, too, in the spirit of friendly competition!

Arm yourself with knowledge: Use our Oklahoma practice permit test as you strive for a learners permit in the Sooner State!

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