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Official NC Permit Practice Tests: What to Expect
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North Carolina Driver's License
North Carolina Driver's License

Are You Ready for the North Carolina Permit Test?

It may be hard to believe, but an estimated 70% of people fail their first attempt at the permit test.  Set yourself apart by preparing with our free North Carolina practice permit test. Designed by professionals, our practice test will help introduce you to the style and some of the subject matter found on the real test.  The practice test will help you quickly determine which North Carolina traffic laws you already know, and which ones you need to study further before the exam.

NC Practice Permit Test Details

The practice test features 40 questions in multiple-choice format.  You’ll receive a passing score when you answer 32 correctly.  Use the progress bar on the left to track your progress.  Correct answers allow you to move on to the next question while incorrect answers will appear in red.  All of our practice tests have been designed to provide instant feedback letting you immediately where you stand.

Success is just a few clicks away. Start preparing today!

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