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Official NC Motorcycle Practice Tests: What to Expect
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North Carolina Driver's License
North Carolina Driver's License

Prepare to pass the North Carolina motorcycle written test with our North Carolina Motorcycle Practice Test 4. This fourth test in our practice test series is filled with challenging questions and is formatted just like the official exam.

How this Practice Test Can Help

With 25 multiple choice questions from the North Carolina Motorcycle Operator’s Manual and with a format like the official exam that you will take at the North Carolina DMV, this practice test is an ideal way to get prepared to earn your motorcycle license.

This test is:

  • Convenient – you can take the test on a PC, laptop, tablet or phone. Plus, you can take this test multiple times and each time the questions will be reordered
  • Informative – there is a progress tracker to let you know how you are doing as you work your way through the test
  • Challenging – all the questions were written by experts who studied the motorcycle manual and past written exams

What are the Questions Like?

The questions are challenging and cover a variety of important subjects that you need to know to earn your motorcycle license.

For example, there may be questions like these on the test: what braking system is capable of releasing and reapplying pressure more than 15 times per second? What are two possible results of braking too hard?

There may also be questions on such subjects as maneuvering in traffic, stopping quickly, alcohol and riding, riding on slippery surfaces and more.

Take this test to find out if you are ready to earn your license and head out on North Carolina’s roadways, which include “The Hellbender 28” which offers sweeping curves and dramatic drop-offs all while bypassing gorgeous views of both the Smoky Mountains and Fontana Lake.

There is also “The Mountain Meander” which is located on the upper part of Route 28. Here you will go through dense forests, past surging waterfalls and by lots of other breathtaking scenery.

Take our test now to get prepared to earn your license.

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