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Official NC Motorcycle Practice Tests: What to Expect
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North Carolina Driver's License
North Carolina Driver's License

We created the North Carolina Motorcycle Practice Test 3 because the state written test is not an exam you want to take without any preparation. This test features similar content and a similar format to the real test so that you will know what to expect on test day.

How Practice Tests Can Help

With this practice test you get 25 multiple choice questions drawn from the North Carolina Motorcycle Operator’s Manual. These questions are very similar to the questions that are on the official exam. The format of this practice test is also similar to the format of the real test that you will take at the North Carolina DMV.

To help you prepare even more for the official exam we have included a series of special study features with this test. Those features include:

  • You can take the test an unlimited number of times
  • The questions are reordered each time you take the test
  • There is instant feedback on each question
  • There is a progress tracker to let you know how you are doing as you take the test

Types of Questions to Expect On the Test

What three traits separate responsible riders from those more likely to be involved in an accident? To brake as quickly and efficiently as possible in a curve you should try to get the motorcycle as “what” to the road as possible before you start breaking?

Other topics that may be covered on the test include group riding, riding on dangerous surfaces, motorcycle maintenance and more.

North Carolina is home to some truly great motorcycle rides, including the Blue Ridge Parkway, which offers amazing views all year round but particularly in the fall when the winding road includes views of orange, red, yellow and green covered mountains and valleys.

To enjoy riding the Blue Ridge Parkway or any of North Carolina’s other rides, you need your license. Take our practice test to prepare for the state written test.

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