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Official NC Motorcycle Practice Tests: What to Expect
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North Carolina Driver's License
North Carolina Driver's License

The North Carolina Motorcycle Practice Test 2 is designed to make the act of preparing for the state written test easier and more convenient than ever before. Our experts have designed this test to give you a better idea of what the official exam is really like so that you will feel much more comfortable when you take it.

What to Expect on this NC Practice Test

There are 25 multiple choice questions that have been drawn straight from the pages of the North Carolina Motorcycle Operator’s Manual. These questions cover a variety of important subjects and will challenge your motorcycle knowledge. The questions are presented in a format that is also similar to the real test you will be taking at the North Carolina DMV.

After taking this challenging practice test you will have a much better idea of:

  • What types of questions you will need to be able to answer
  • How to proceed through the test in the most efficient manner
  • What your current strengths and weaknesses are
  • And how you would do if you took the test today

To help you study, we have added several bonus features to this test, such as:

  • A Progress Tracker that keeps track of your test score
  • Instant feedback which gives you the correct answer to the questions you miss
  • Unlimited attempts that allow you to take the test over and over again
  • Randomized questions so each time that you do retake the test it is a different experience

What are the Questions on the Practice Test Like

One out of every five motorcycle crashes results in what type of injury? What should be your primary source for how a particular motorcycle should be operated?

These are the types of questions that you will find on this test. Questions may also cover topics such as group riding, maneuvering in traffic, riding on dangerous surfaces, turning and more.

Ready to tackle the “tail of the dragon?” Deal’s Gap, or US Highway 129, is a small 11 mile stretch of road that has gained fame worldwide for its challenging curves and beautiful Smoky Mountain scenery.

But to ride this challenging road you first need to earn your license. Get prepared by taking our practice test now.

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