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New York Driver's License
New York Driver's License

The written permit test that you will take at the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) covers three major areas of driving knowledge – road rules, driving regulations and road signs. That’s why we created this New York road signs practice test that specifically focuses on road signs and their meanings. On this test you will find questions on all four types of road signs. Being able to identify and decipher the meanings of these types of signs will go a long way in ensuring you earn your permit and can start learning to drive in “the Empire State.”

This free New York road signs test contains 50 multiple choice questions, which have all been taken from the New York drivers handbook. This handbook is the same resource that is used for the permit test. The questions are also graded exactly like the questions on the permit test. You need to answer at least 42 of the questions correctly to pass.

New York road signs are categorized into four groups

Regulatory signs: These are signs that give notice to the motorist of traffic laws or regulations.

Warning signs: These are used to warn motorists of potential hazards, such as a dangerous curve, a steep hill, or a low bridge.

Guide signs: As the name suggests guide signs provide directions for motorists and pedestrians. They also indicate the destinations and distances to important cities, towns and attractions.

Information signs: These give information about services along a highway such as gas stations, restaurants and hospitals.

New York road sign colors

The colors used on New York road signs are mandated by state authorities in accordance with Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) guidelines for the United States. The colors of the signs not only help in quick identification but also make them more visible at night.

  • Regulatory signs are green with white lettering.
  • Warning signs are yellow with black lettering.
  • Guide signs are blue with white lettering.
  • Information signs are green with white or black lettering. A few information signs are orange for special use and parking information, for example, and brown for tourist-related information and directional arrows on the ground.

As you take the NY DMV road signs practice test, each time you answer a question our system will automatically tell you whether your answer is right or wrong and it will also give you a detailed explanation of the correct answer. This test can be taken an unlimited number of times and it is always completely free. When you retake the test, the questions are randomly reordered to help ensure you fully understand the material. Get started now.

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