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Official NY Permit Practice Tests: What to Expect
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New York Driver's License
New York Driver's License

Learn what you need to know by taking our New York practice permit test, which is the second in our series. It’s based on material that’s in the official New York Driver’s Manual.  Practice taking the test in an environment that simulates the one you will find at your local New York DMV testing office. Become more comfortable with the format of the test before you actually have to take it.

There are 40 multiple-choice questions on the practice test. Get 80% correct to pass!

Immediate Feedback

After you answer each question, you will find out right away if your answer was right or wrong.  This will show you what you still need to learn before taking the actual exam. Each question includes clear explanations so that you can learn the material right away.

Track Performance

This test has a handy color-coded progress tracker to keep you motivated as you work your way through the questions.

Unlimited Attempts

You may take the practice test as many times as you like. Each time, you will get a random assortment of questions.

New York Specific Questions

The questions are based on New York motor vehicle law to prepare you for the specific New York questions on the actual driving permit exam.

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Give yourself the best possible chance to pass your permit test.  Start practicing today!

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