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Official NE Permit Practice Tests: What to Expect
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Nebraska Driver's License
Nebraska Driver's License

If you are one of the lucky Cornhuskers applying for a driver’s permit this year, you’ll need more than the basic Nebraska Driver’s manual to get you through. Our Nebraska practice permit test number two was created to simulate the testing experience at your local Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office.

We base the 40 multiple choice questions on info. Your goal is to get a score of 80 percent or more.

Instant Feedback

Looking to The practice test provides immediate feedback, question by question.  Answer a question correctly and you will automatically move onto the next.  Answer incorrectly and you will be presented with the correct answer along with a helpful explanation to ensure you don’t miss it again.

Performance Tracking

Use our handy progress tracker to easily monitor your performance as you go.  

Unlimited Attempts

Take our online practice test as many times as you like. It resets after each session, so you get different questions with each attempt.

Nebraska Specific Questions

The test questions are specific to the laws in Nebraska, so you have the most relevant study guide at your fingertips.

Score Sharing

Share your score with your social media friends. You give them access to a valuable tool to study from and show them how you did on the test, as well.

Use our Nebraska permit test to get prepared for the real thing. When you walk into your local DMV office, you will do it with confidence. Start the Nebraska permit practice test now.

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