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Mississippi Driver's License
Mississippi Driver's License

Are You Prepared for Your Mississippi Permit Test?  Have you ever wondered what percentage of people pass the permit test every year?  The answer may surprise you.  In fact, the numbers are quite alarming.  It’s estimated that 70% of applicants fail the permit test every year.  Why such a high number?  The simple truth is most people don’t prepare thinking the questions are just common sense.  Why be just another number when you can set yourself apart with just a little bit of practice.

MS Practice Permit Test Details

One of the best ways to prepare for any test is through the use of practice tests.  We developed our free Mississippi practice permit test to closely simulate the testing experience.  You’ll find the practice test uses the same multiple-choice question format as the real exam while introducing you to some of the same material.  After answering each question, you’ll know exactly how well you’re doing by viewing the color-coded progress tracker to the left.

Are you going to let the permit test come between you and your freedom?  We didn’t think so.  Get started today!

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