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Official MS Motorcycle Practice Tests: What to Expect
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Mississippi Driver's License
Mississippi Driver's License

Make sure you are ready to pass the state written motorcycle test by taking our Mississippi Motorcycle Practice Test now. This test features both content and a format that are similar to the real written test.  The 25 questions that make up this practice test are all taken from the Mississippi Motorcycle Operator’s Manual, You must answer at least 20 of these questions correctly to pass. To further help you pass the real test at the Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission, we have formatted this practice test just like the real thing.

This practice test also contains a number of special features to help you study, including:

  • Progress Tracker – which tracks your performance as you take the test
  • Unlimited attempts – allows you to take the test multiple times
  • Randomized question order – reorders the questions when you retake the test
  • Personalized score reports – help you identify the areas you need to study more
  • And much more

About the Questions On the Exam

The questions cover a variety of important subjects, such as safe motorcycle operation, group riding, carrying passengers, turning, bike maintenance and more.

You may be asked, “What are three things to look for when selecting a helmet?” and “What five things must all street-legal motorcycles have?”

From the winding Old Port Gibson Road to the hills and woods along the Red Bluff ride (also known as “The Secret Pearl River Run”), Mississippi has a lot to offer motorcycle riders.

For another example, there is a great backwoods route from Benndale to Monticello that goes along Highways 16 and 13 that takes you past farms, pastureland, lush woods and some great, and, of course, not so great (pigs) country smells.

There is also a route that includes Highways 22, 445 and 16, among others, that takes you past green countryside, rolling hills; dense forest; swamp/wetlands; and more.

Take our practice test to see if you are ready to pass the real test, get your license and head out on Mississippi’s roadways.

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