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Mississippi Driver's License
Mississippi Driver's License

Continuing our series of Mississippi practice tests, the Mississippi Motorcycle Practice Test Two features 25 more questions to challenge your knowledge of safe motorcycle operation. Take it now to find out if you are ready to pass the real written test.  The test’s questions come from the Mississippi Motorcycle Operator’s Manual, The test questions are also presented in a format that is similar to the real test that you will take at the Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission. You need to answer at least 20 of the questions correctly to pass.

We are sure you are going to find this test to be:

  • Challenging – questions are written by experts and designed to be similar to questions on the real test
  • Convenient – you can take this test via computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Educational – we give you the right answer to any question that you miss
  • Informative – you can take the test multiple times to really learn the content
  • Loaded with bonus features to help you study – including a progress tracker, personalized score reports and randomized question order

About the Test Questions

What three pieces of security gear give you a much higher chance of avoiding serious injury in a crash? Do most crashes occur on long trips or short trips?

This practice test includes questions like these as well as questions on other subjects like group riding, avoiding obstacles, riding on dangerous surfaces, motorcycle controls, motorcycle maintenance and more.

Take the test now to see if you are ready to earn your license and start enjoying Mississippi’s amazing scenery on your motorcycle.

Mississippi is home to hills in the north, lush forest in the middle and Gulf Coast shoreline in the south. It also contains numerous Civil War and Civil Rights historic sites and numerous casinos in the Biloxi area.

In other words, Mississippi has a lot to offer motorcycle riders. To start seeing all the Mississippi has to offer, you need to earn your motorcycle license.

Take our practice test to get prepared for the state written test, which you need to pass to receive your motorcycle license.


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