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Michigan Driver's License

Think you have what it takes to pass the Michigan learners-permit test? To give yourself the best change for successfully tackling that exam, why not give our Michigan practice permit test a try—it closely mimics the kind of questions and format you’re going to encounter at that Michigan Secretary of State’s Office (SOS) testing center.  The practice test is the second in our series of practice exams developed specifically for the state of Michigan

Know what to do when you’re approaching an intersection controlled by a malfunctioning traffic light? Are you clear on how to behave if a police officer is signaling traffic?

The 40 multiple-choice questions that comprise the practice tests draw from the Michigan Drivers Handbook, which covers these sorts of situations and all the other pertinent state regulations. In other words, they address some of the very same material the SOS will include on the actual exam. If you know your stuff and score 80% or higher, you’ll pass our test!

Instant Feedback

While you take our Michigan practice permit test, you’ll be getting useful feedback all the while. Answer a question incorrectly, and you’ll see the right choice marked in green followed by a detailed explanation of the topic to ensure you master the material.

Performance Tracking

Keep tabs on your performance by eyeing the Progress Tracker, a fundamental part of our practice test: You’ll be able to see how many questions you still have to go, as well as how many you’ve answered correctly thus far.

Unlimited Attempts

Trying out for a Michigan learners permit takes a lot of dedicated studying and prep work. Fortunately, our practice tests aren’t just one-time resources: The questions are randomly shuffled every time you load up the quiz, so you’re always dealing with a new challenge!

Michigan Specific Questions

Some driving regulations are basically standard across the country, but all states have their own specificities. Michigan’s no exception, and it’s definitely essential to prepare for the learners-permit exam with state-specific study material. Our tests specifically target your knowledge of the Wolverine State’s road rules, so you can be confident you’re preparing in a focused, rewarding manner.

Score Sharing

When you’re through with a test, let your friends on social media know how you did: You can share the test and your score by clicking on the Twitter or Facebook button.

Passing the Michigan learners permit can be stressful—but you can cut down on that stress by ensuring you are prepared. Make our Michigan practice permit test part of that prep work!

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