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Official MD Permit Practice Tests: What to Expect
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Maryland Driver's License
Maryland Driver's License

Are you familiar with common traffic signs in these categories: emergency, informational, regulatory, guide and warning? You certainly need to be if you want to earn your permit. Take our practice test now to brush up on your road sign knowledge and prepare to pass the permit test on your first visit to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA).

With 25 sign-focused questions, this practice test is designed to help you accurately assess your current sign knowledge. If you are able to answer 20 or more of these questions correctly you may be ready to sit for the actual written permit test. On the other hand, if you are unable to answer at least 20 questions correctly then you can retake this practice test as many times as necessary to learn the content.

This test is completely free to take and includes three bonus features to help you study. As we already mentioned, there are unlimited attempts to help you learn the test content. A second feature is randomized question order which reorders the test questions each time you retake the test. The third feature is instant feedback on test questions. This feature lets you know immediately if your answer is right or wrong and it also includes a detailed explanation for each correct answer. Take the test now to see how well you know Maryland road signs.


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