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Eliminate the stress and worry of taking the Iowa motorcycle written test by taking our Iowa Motorcycle Practice Test 4, which will show you exactly what to expect. This test contains both content and a format that are similar to the real written test.  We have included 25 multiple choice questions taken from the Iowa Motorcycle Operator’s Manual and we have formatted this test just like the real test. In other words, pass this practice test and you’ll be able to walk into the Iowa DOT with full confidence that you are going to pass the motorcycle written test on your first attempt.

This test is:

  • Easy-to-use – you can take it on a PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Convenient – you can take the test as many times as you like
  • Informative – the progress tracker lets you know how you are doing, personalized score reports help you identify subject matter strengths and weaknesses
  • Informative – after each question you are given the correct answer

What Types of Questions are on the Test

What three factors should you consider when determining what lane position to be in as you enter a curve? What is the best way to control rear wheel skids?

You’ll find questions like these on this test – questions that will challenge you and prepare you to pass the real test.

In fact, this practice test may make the real test seem like a piece of cake! That means in no time you could be out riding Iowa’s roadways, like Indianola to Lake Red Rock, which is at or near the top of many riders’ most amazing rides list. There is also Old Highway 141 which takes you back in time and shows you old, rural Iowa.

One more notable ride is the Three Corners Scenic Loop which takes you past small mountains, lush cornfields, the Mississippi River, lots of quaint small towns and even an old stage coach trail.

If you are ready to get out and experience all that Iowa offers to motorcycle riders, take this practice test now.

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