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Indiana Driver's License

Our free Indiana Motorcycle Practice Test will not only get you used to the content and format of the real test but it will also help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you better focus your study efforts in the future.  Featuring 25 expert-written questions taken from the Indiana Motorcycle Operator’s Manual, this practice test will first and foremost get you used to the type of content found on the real written test. We have also formatted this test like the rest test so you will know what to expect at the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

This practice test includes several additional features to help you study. These features include:

  • Performance Tracking: as you take the test you can tell with a glance how you are doing
  • Immediate Feedback: you get the correct answer after you answer each question
  • Mobile Friendly: this test can be taken on a computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Unlimited attempts: you can take this test as many times as you want

What Does the Practice Test Cover

This Indiana motorcycle practice test covers all the major areas you need to know to pass the real test, including: basic motorcycle operation, safety gear, safe riding tips, riding in traffic, maneuvering a motorcycle and more.

Do you know how to handle blasts of wind from larger vehicles? When is it OK to share a lane with another vehicle?

You’ll get the answers to questions like these on this practice test.

So whether you are planning to ride US Highway 12 Through Indiana Dunes – which offers amazing views any time of the year but particularly during the fall, or you want to take the Big Lick Ride/Ohio River Hugging Loop, which features rural America at its best. On this ride you’ll see small towns with quaint shops, mom and pop restaurants, river boats and barges and more.

Or whether you have no specific ride planned and just want to get out on Indiana’s roadways, taking this practice test is your first step. Take it now to assess your motorcycle knowledge.

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