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Illinois Driver's License
Illinois Driver's License

The Illinois Practice Permit Test Number Two is the second of our series of practice driving tests designed to make it easier for you to pass the written driver’s permit exam. These tests are based on the latest material from the Secretary of State’s Illinois Rules of the Road manual.  The 40 multiple choice questions are based on (but not identical to) the exam questions found on the actual Illinois exam. A score of at least 80% is needed to pass.

Illinois-specific practice test questions

‘Generic’ practice tests may fail to cover laws, road signs and other regulations unique to Illinois. By taking the practice permit test written for Illinois drivers, you can enhance your chances of passing the actual test the first time at your nearest Illinois Secretary of State Driver Services facility.

No limit to the number of tests

If you need to re-take the test, you will find that each new test is randomized, using different questions. The tests may be taken as often as needed to pass.

Immediate results and tracking available

You will see the results of your test immediately after each question. Correct answers are highlighted in green, wrong answers are highlighted in red. Helpful explanations are included for better understanding of the material covered. You can also track your progress during the exam using our progress tracker.

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Start preparing now and increase your chances of passing the exam!

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