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Illinois Driver's License

Designed to get you ready to pass the Illinois written motorcycle test, our Illinois Motorcycle Practice Test contains both content and a format that are similar to the real test. Find out what you know and what you need to study by taking the test now.  On this test, you will find 25 multiple choice questions that were drawn from the Illinois Motorcycle Operator’s Manual. The questions on the real test are taken from this manual as well. This practice test also copies the format of the real test so you will feel more comfortable when you visit the Illinois Secretary of State – Vehicle Services Department office.

To help you maximize your study time, we have added the following features to this practice test:

  • Unlimited attempts – you can take the test as many times as you like
  • Randomized Question Order – the question are reordered each time you retake the test
  • Progress tracker – you can easily keep track of how you are doing as you go through the test
  • Instant feedback – if you get a question wrong, you will immediately be given the right answer

What Types of Questions Are on the Test

What factors increase your stopping distance and require you to lengthen your following distance from the car in front of you? Do you know what techniques you can use to handle a tailgater?

These are the types of questions you’ll find answers to on this test. Additional subjects that may be covered on the test include bad weather riding, slippery surface riding, group riding, solo riding, safety gear and more.

Take the test now to find out if you are ready to pass the real written test, earn your license and start riding Illinois’ roadways on your motorcycle. While not known as a “motorcycle mecca,” Illinois is actually home to a number of scenic rides that bypass Japanese gardens, Amish villages, lush forests, rolling farmland along with numerous historical and cultural sites, such as Abraham Lincoln’s home.

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