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Illinois Driver's License

Who said sequels aren’t as good as the originals? Our Illinois Motorcycle Practice Test Two is filled with more challenging questions to get you ready to pass the Illinois motorcycle written test. You need to answer at least 20 questions correctly to pass this practice test.  This test has 25 multiple choice questions drawn from the Illinois Motorcycle Operator’s Manual, which is the same resource used for the real test. This test is also formatted like the real Illinois written test to better prepare you for the experience of visiting the Illinois Secretary of State – Vehicle Services Department office and taking the test.

When you take this practice test you will find out that it is:

  • Convenient – it’s mobile and tablet friendly
  • Effective – questions are written by experts
  • Informative – you can take the test multiple times to ensure you learn the content
  • Up to date – the content and format of this test are similar to today’s real written test in Illinois
  • Loaded with features – including a progress tracker and personalized score reports

What Type of Questions are on the Test

Do you know what to do when being passed (no, it’s not speed up)? Are you familiar with the three-step SEE strategy for safely riding a motorcycle?

You’ll find the answers to questions like these on this practice test. You may also find questions about turning, passing, swerving, riding on slippery surfaces, stopping and more.

This test is filled with content you need to know to pass the real written test and earn your license so you can start riding your motorcycle on Illinois’ roadways, which include:

  • Mount Carroll to Elizabeth – a ride filled with numerous trees and rolling hills
  • The Murphysboro to Anna to Carbondale Loop – which offers panoramic views of the countryside
  • The Great River Road – you’ll have the Mississippi River on one side and on the other there will typically be caves, bluffs, farmland, wetlands or something else scenic and beautiful.

Go ahead and take this practice test now to see if you are ready to take and pass the Illinois written test.

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