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Official ID Motorcycle Practice Tests: What to Expect
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Idaho Driver's License
Idaho Driver's License

The Idaho Motorcycle Practice Test Three challenges you with content similar to the real written test and a format that is like the real test as well. Pass this test and you can be confident you are ready to pass the real thing.  With this practice test, you get 25 multiple choice questions drawn from the Idaho Motorcycle Operator’s Manual. This is the same source that is used for the real written test. We have also formatted this practice test like the real test so that you will know what to expect and will feel more comfortable when you visit the Idaho DMV to take the real exam.

Here are just a few ways that taking this test will benefit you:

  • Gets you prepared for the content of the real test
  • Gets you prepared for the format of the real test
  • Helps you identify your strong and weak areas with personalized score reports
  • Lets you take the test multiple times so you can learn the content better
  • Lets you track your progress so you know how you are doing and what you need to do to pass
  • Additional bonus features help you maximize your study time

What are the Questions Like

In slow, tight turns what is the proper way to counterbalance your motorcycle? What is your best protection when riding in traffic with other vehicles?

You’ll find questions like these on the test. There may also be questions on safe motorcycle operation, group riding, riding on slippery surfaces, riding in bad weather, safety gear and more.

These are all subjects you need to know to earn your license and start riding Idaho’s motorcycle roads, such as Rattlesnake Pass to Wallowa Lake, which follows along the Snake River to Asotin, then twists and climbs to the top of Butte. You’ll see some truly amazing scenery – from rushing rivers to scenic mountain vistas from the cliffs of Hells Canyon to lush forests.

Test your motorcycle knowledge by taking this practice test now.

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