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Georgia Driver's License
Georgia Driver's License

Looking to pass the permit test in the Peach State? One of the best ways to start preparing is through the use of practice tests.  Our Georgia Practice Permit Test, Number Two, is the second in our series of Georgia practice tests and has been designed to simulate the exam at your local Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office.  The practice test questions are based on information found in Georgia Driver’s Manual. The practice test features 40 multiple-choice questions covering some of the same subject matter found on the actual exam. To complete our practice exam successfully, you must score 80 percent or better.

Instant Feedback

We believe the best way to really learn new information is to have immediate and positive feedback. You will never be left wondering if your answer was correct or incorrect, as feedback is provided immediately following each question. We also include helpful explanations to help you fully understand the material.

Performance Tracking

Track your performance at a glance with the handy performance tracker.  It’s designed to provide you with constant feedback on the number of questions answered correctly (or incorrectly) as well as how many questions remain.

Unlimited Attempts

You’re free to retake the free Georgia practice permit test as often as you like. Further, the questions are completely randomized with each round, offering you a new experience–every time you take the test.

Georgia Specific Questions

The key to the effectiveness of the Georgia practice permit test is having questions specifically tailored to your state.  With state-specific study material, you stand the best chance of passing the first time.

Score Sharing

Everybody loves sharing… and a challenge. With the Georgia practice permit test, your efforts to obtain your learners permit can be both social and interactive. Complete the practice test, and then click on the Facebook or Twitter button to share your score with friends. It’s not only a quick, easy way to share your journey with friends; it’s also a great way to challenge them.

Give yourself the best possible chance to ace your permit test with Georgia practice permit test.  Good luck!

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