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Official AR Motorcycle Practice Tests: What to Expect
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Arkansas Driver's License
Arkansas Driver's License

The Arkansas Motorcycle Practice Test Two is a convenient way to test your knowledge of safe motorcycle riding practices. The test contains 25 questions in all and you have to answer at least 20 of them correctly to pass.

All test questions are taken from the Arkansas Motorcycle Handbook, which is also the source of the questions that comprise the real test. This test not only contains questions similar to what you’ll find on the real Arkansas Motorcycle License Written Knowledge Test but it is also formatted just like the real test.

That means take this test and pass (a passing score is 20 questions or more answered correctly) and you can walk into the local DFA office confident you will pass the real test.

You’ll be familiar with the content of the test and its format, nothing should surprise you. We’ve also included several features with this test to help you make the most of your study efforts.

  • You can track your progress as you take the test
  • You can take the test an unlimited number of times
  • Each time you retake the test, the questions are reordered
  • You can also get instant feedback on your answers so if you answer a question incorrectly you can immediately learn the correct answer

You should be prepared to answer questions on the safe operation of a motorcycle in bad weather, how to manage a variety of turns and more, including the physical requirements of riding a motorcycle.

Do you know when you should wear reflective clothing? Do you know how to properly pass parked cars? You’ll get the answers to questions like these on our Arkansas practice tests.

So don’t miss this opportunity to improve your riding knowledge. Take our AR Practice Test online now and discover what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are so that you can better direct your study efforts in the future.

Then in no time you can earn your license and get out on Arkansas’ legendary Pig Trail when takes you through the beauty and challenging terrain of the Ozark Mountains. Get started on this practice test now.

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