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Official AZ Motorcycle Practice Tests: What to Expect
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Arizona Driver's License
Arizona Driver's License

Arizona Motorcycle Practice Test One is filled with questions you must be able to answer to pass the real motorcycle test and receive your license. The test is designed to prepare you for both the content and format of the real test.

The Ultimate Practice Test for Arizona Motorcycle Riders

On this practice test, you will find 25 questions drawn from the Arizona Motorcycle Handbook. You must answer at least 20 of the questions correctly to pass – and if you accomplish this feat you can be confident you are ready to sit for the real test at a local Arizona Department of Transportation office.

To help you maximize your study efforts, we have added several features to this test, such as:

  • A progress tracker to let you know how you are doing as you progress through the test
  • Personalized score reports that identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Instant feedback that allows you to learn as you go
  • And unlimited attempts so you can take the test again and again until you are sure you know the content

What Types of Questions Are on the Test?

Here are some examples of questions that you may find on this practice test and on the real test as well: Do you know how to ensure your motorcycle is the right “fit” for you? Do you know the number one cause of motorcycle accidents?

To learn the answers to questions like these and ensure you have the knowledge you need to pass Arizona’s written motorcycle test and receive your license, take our practice test now.

Arizona offers motorcycle riders a wildly diverse scenic landscape that can include lush mountain views, dry deserts and pristine lakes and rivers. Find out if you are ready to get your license and start viewing this beautiful roadside scenery on the back of your motorcycle by taking this practice test.

The test is mobile-friendly so you can take it on a smartphone or tablet in addition to a PC or laptop. Get started now.

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